News catalogues

We have some exciting news, you can download from our page new exciting catalogues from Singing Rock. Singing rock  prepared two catalogues for 2018, one dedicated for Climbing and the second one focusing on Professional protective  equipment for work at heights, military and rescue. Catalogues are available in English and Spanish language.

You can download these exciting catalogues from Singing Rock here:



Exciting Project Costaventura in Uruquay

Harness and Ropes provided new equipment for zip lines and safe entertainment at heights in the Costaventura Park in Uruguay. Costaventura is the largest innovative ecological amusement park in Uruguay.  With more than 3 hectares of land and more than 10 different activities. Visited by more than 50,000 people per year with the capacity to receive 100 people at the same time in its facilities.We enjoyed this interesting project, it is an ideal place for groups, friends and entire families enjoying nature to the fullest.