Who we are

Who we are

We provide our clients climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at heights, military and rescue operations. Our clients are not only companies, they are climbers and we also take care of our individual customers.

We are climbers, mountain and nature lovers, outdoor trekkers, devoted to deliver you great brands with European quality at the most competitive price with the best value for your money. Our team is composed of Felix Suarez, Francisco Sanabria, Anibal Rocheta, Javier Moreno, Freddy Espinoza and Oswal Rendon with over 18 years of worldwide knowledge and experience in outdoor wholesale, distribution and retail sales and service, work at heights, and rescue.

Francisco Sanabria
Managing Director/Purchasing Europe
Harness and Ropes s.r.o.

Felix Suarez
Financial Director/Sales Latin America
Arnes y Cuerdas C.A.

Anibal Rocheta
Sales Director for North America
Harness and Ropes LLC

Javier Moreno
Sales Representative and Technical Support Work at Heights for Ecuador
Harness and Ropes s.r.o.

Freddy Espinoza
Sales Representative and Technical Support Climbing for Uruguay
Harness and Ropes s.r.o.

Oswal Rendon
Sales and Technical Support Work at Heights CEO
Extreme Access Panama