Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

We provide our clients climbing equipment and professional protective equipment for work at heights, military and rescue operations. Our clients are not only companies, they are climbers and we also take care of our individual customers. Everyone is special.

We build long-term relationships with them so that we can constantly monitor their needs and look for the most effective solutions for them taylored for their specific needs.

Our carefully chosen international brands have everything that our clients need for climbing and personal protective equipment to reach their personal or professional goals.

Here you will find a list of some of our clients we have really enjoyed working for:

Jardines Greenflor y Campo, Ecuador

A company dedicated to providing mantainance and service of gardens and work at heights. We are proud to be their supplier of safety gear.

Mocasa Molinos Carabobo, Venezuela

The establishment of Industrial Mills for the manufacture of flours, cereals, grains and other similar products, we supply them with industrial safety and rescue equipment.

ROMY 77, Panama

A company that provides work at height solutions for buildings and other structures. Painting, maintenance and related activities. We provide them with all necessary equipment meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Proyectos RRS, Venezuela

Full service company in the telecommunications and construction area consolidated in the international market.

Parque Vista Linda, Venezuela

The largest adventure rope park in Venezuela. Capacity for up to 60 people at once. It serves as a great learning ground for corporate management skills. We provided all safety equipment.

Eventos Casa de Tejas, Venezuela

One of the largest adventure rope park in Venezuela. Serving groups of children Capacity for up to 40 people at once. It serves as a great activity and fun ground for kids. We provided all safety equipment.

Fuller Mantenimiento, Venezuela

A market leader in cleaning services in the Venezuelan market. Provides building maintenance services. We provided with safety work at heights equipment.

Tecnoprevencion Industrial 3000, Venezuela

Company dedicated to the construction of civil works, supplies and related services, in the area of construction, oil and basic companies of the steel, aluminum and glass sector.

Parque Costaventura, Uruguay

Costaventura is the largest innovative ecological amusement park in Uruguay. With more than 3 hectares of land and more than 10 different activities. Visited by more than 50,000 people per year with the capacity to receive 100 people at the same time in its facilities. We sold all gear necessary for operations.

Eksprea Consulting, Venezuela

Ekspresa originated from the mobile network operators’ need to provide an excellent service to their subscribers. Company is involved in the RF interface in mobile systems, hand in hand with a technical team which stands out for its deep knowledge and expertise, as well as its results orientation.

Estructuras MM, Venezuela

A construction and engineering firm in Venezuela which we proudly supplied safety helmets.

Restaurante Frida, Venezuela

This successful Mexican restaurant has a climbing wall and rope access park which was provided by us.

Rumbo Extremo, Caracas, Venezuela

We have been supplying this extreme sports experts with helmets, harnesses, ropes, and belay equipment since 2013.